Diesel or petrol - which car rental engine to choose?

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Diesel or petrol - which car rental engine to choose?

Diesel or petrol - which car rental engine to choose?


When renting a car, you have the opportunity to choose between vehicles with different characteristics, but in the end you will choose one model. In addition to the size and capacity of the vehicle, which you want to meet your needs, an important criterion can be the type of fuel - most often diesel or gasoline.


Usually the choice of fuel is important for the consumption cost or your personal preferences as a driver. Whereas in the past diesel cars were considered noisier and had a more unpleasant odor than petrol cars (at the expense of better technical parameters), today this prejudice has been overcome. In fact, the significant differences are barely noticeable. That's why we suggest you look at three additional factors that can make your decision easier.




Before making a reservation, calculate the distance you will travel. Diesel cars tend to have a lower price per kilometer for long distances. This means that you will probably achieve better fuel economy, but on short journeys the engine will not provide an economic advantage.




You could consider the type of roads you will take. Diesel is very suitable for long, flat sections. It improves the efficiency of the engine, which relies on movement between thirty and fifty minutes at a relatively high speed to allow the temperature to burn the accumulation and excess soot on the filter. Highways are the ideal roads for this purpose.


Short distances in the city or nearby are more suitable for a petrol car, which provides more favorable driving for the user. With fast acceleration and the need for frequent stops and starts, it is very practical in this environment. In comparison, stop-start traffic can lead to clogging of the diesel filters, disrupting the overall efficiency of the vehicle.




If the trip will take you through a hilly area or snowy terrain, the diesel engine has better references to overcome them. These cars have muscular torque (when accelerating), which means that as long as you change gears earlier than petrol cars, you will feel stable enough on the pavement, especially with an SUV rental.




The diesel car is completely suitable for:


•  driving on the highway;

•  mountainous terrain or challenging roads.


The petrol car is an excellent choice for:


• short trips;

• urban environment.


Whether you choose a diesel or petrol model, make sure you use the right fuel when refueling. Our employees at CarRent Bulgaria will tell you the exact type for your rental car. If for some reason you still have doubts at the gas station, you can solve the problem in other ways:


1.) the fuel tank of the diesel car has a larger diameter than the petrol one;

2.) diesel engines sound different from gasoline;

3.) the gears of a diesel vehicle are changed earlier than you would expect in a petrol engine car;

4.) fuel tanks usually have a sticker that indicates the type of engine;

5.) check the rental agreement - your fuel is clearly indicated.


If you accidentally fill the tank with the wrong fuel, withdraw it immediately! Otherwise you will cause serious damage to the car, which will take it out of motion.


Modern technology is increasingly blurring the distinction between diesel and petrol engines in terms of driving experience and performance. Thus, the choice comes down primarily to the road conditions you expect during the trip. If you are not sure about something, do not hesitate to ask us for advice. From now on, whatever you decide always put your safety first!

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