That is why CarRent offers a top level of service

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That is why CarRent offers a top level of service

CarRent is a car hire company that has been operating since 2004. We work in partnership with the world's leading car rental agencies and car reservation brokers, such as Rentalcars, AutoEurope and Cartrawler. We receive their trust as one of the first entirely Bulgarian brands, supporting international standards in the industry. Over the years we have served more than 25 000 customers.




The maintenance of each car in our fleet can be summed up in two words: regular inspection. The purpose is to detect and eliminate any possible defect in the vehicle before it is handed over to a customer. The formulation and strict observance of some key points in our work allow us to maintain a high level of service.


We maintain a fleet of brand new cars


All cars in the CarRent fleet are new and under warranty (up to 5 years). This significantly simplifies their service, limits repair work to a minimum and ensures the greatest safety of our customers.


We perform a thorough inspection of each car before each rental


The check is performed by means of a 20-point system (checklist). It covers absolutely all components of the vehicle and is divided into several stages:


1. Engine inspection and maintenance: oil, antifreeze, brake fluid.


2. Inspection and maintenance of tires: pressure, spare tire, spare tools.


3. Inspection and maintenance of the running gear: the presence of atypical noises and vibrations.


4. Inspection and maintenance of the car’s equipment: safety systems, comfort systems, air conditioning, radio, etc.


5. Inspection and maintenance of the exterior and interior for perfect cleanliness


6. Checking and maintaining the documentation of the car and all the necessary stickers: insurance, GTP, etc.


We rely on a team of qualified employees


All CarRent employees are professionally trained to maintain the company's fleet in perfect condition. This includes both the maintenance of appearance and cleanliness and the performance of technical inspection by means of a unified list and a mandatory test drive. In the event of a defect, the car is immediately sent to a workshop for repair.


The checklist is presented to the client, attached to the contract and remains available during the rental. In this way we know the real condition of the car at all times.


* CarRent works only with authorized services and dealerships of the respective brands. We have long term relationships with each of them and our cars are under full warranty.




All cars are thoroughly cleaned before they are rented and this is a basic principle in our business. In connection with the epidemiological situation and the danger of coronavirus infection, we provide additional comprehensive prevention of all salons, floors, seats and more. For this purpose we use a special washing machine (extractor), as well as licensed alcohol-based detergents for disinfection of surfaces (dashboard, knobs, steering wheel, gear lever, etc.). CarRent is a company that is fully aware of its responsibility to the health and safety of our customers.




We have a large fleet, which offers a wide selection of cars for every occasion. You can choose between cars in economy, compact, intermediate and luxury class, station wagon, minivan, minibus, SUV. With some of the models we can offer different versions, so we will make sure you have everything you need for your trip.


The most important goal in our work is to justify your trust. This excludes the search for occasions for additional charges or other type of artificial tension. We respect your time and in our face you have a reliable partner who can meet all requirements. That's why we are happy that our customers come back every time they look for a rental car.

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