Economy or compact class car rental?

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Economy or compact class car rental?

In today's world, people rent cars for a variety of reasons. Very often the choice is between economy class car rental and compact class. The main points in this debate are the customer's budget and the size of the car. Along with them, however, there are a few more important points that you should not underestimate. This will ensure a full experience during your rental period.



Economy cars are not only named just because of their size. First of all, it's about the costs you will have during the rental. They are considered to be cheaper than compact ones, as their small size allows you to drive more kilometers per unit of fuel. However, choosing a small car is justified when you use it to transport a small group or yourself alone. With a larger number of passengers, the additional rent is definitely repaid.




Customers are usually aware that fuel-efficient cars are smaller than average. This can be a positive feature, depending on the purpose of your trip. The average car is suitable for families, for example, as it offers more storage space and individual space for everyone in the cabin. But if you're single or married, you may be paying extra for a place you don't need. Very often the "small car" offers the right space at a better price. That is why economy class car rental is so popular.

However, if you are renting a car for a long trip or vacation, it is almost always better to choose a compact rental car that provides more space and comfort during long hours on the road.




One of the biggest disputes between economy and compact car rental is the level of comfort they can offer. In this case, this applies mainly to the size, as the other comfort conditions are very similar. With the development of technology and modern consumer requirements, economical and medium-sized cars offer more and more extras such as DVD players, heated seats and more. As with most decisions you make, the answer here is why you rent a car.


Short trips with a small group

Economy class car rental may be a better choice, as comfort is not compromised on short journeys. There are also different ways to ensure that your rental car is comfortable, even when it is small. Ask CarRent's staff for details on the class of car you want to rent.


Long trips with larger groups

In some cases, the long road means that an economy car hire may not be an ideal choice. With the extra space and larger seats, it is very true that a compact model is the better option for you.




There are no significant differences in the safety functions of the considered classes. Automatic locking doors or parking sensors is standard on most modern models. If this is the case, you can compare other indicators to make a safety choice:


• If you are driving in an area with winding roads, a smaller car will no doubt help you maneuver in the area and reduce the risk of an accident.


• If you are transporting the whole family, choose a model in the larger compact class to ensure the safety of everyone inside. The added volume means that these cars are heavier and maintain better road stability in adverse weather conditions.


If safety is the most important sign for you, consider a car in a class that offers the most modern safety features. Take a look at the models in our fleet and make the best decision for the trip. We are at your disposal for advice.

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