How to organize a business trip with car rental?

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How to organize a business trip with car rental?

Business trips can be scary, especially if you are about to organize your first business trip with a rental car. This is a very different experience from a personal vacation, so it is helpful to have a clear plan of action. When prepared, you can avoid the typical pitfalls as well as take advantage of some unexpected benefits. These tips will help you be the professional your colleagues know.


Review your job description


Do you remember the guidance you received from the company when you were hired? Now is the time to review it again, as it probably includes business travel guidelines, such as expected behavior, budget allocation, and various corporate subscriptions. Now is the time to use them and save money. If you do not find such instructions, do not hesitate to ask a representative of the Human Resources Department. Do not doubt that it will motivate you for success during the business trip.


Rent a car instead of relying on public transportation


Renting a car, such as an Opel Corsa, is a convenient and affordable travel option, especially when the costs are covered by the employer. Using shared travel or public transport services pose risks to complete all the tasks of your schedule. Relying on a personal car is a safe and comfortable way to ensure that your schedule is followed. Our advice is to check all the rules of parking in the specific destination before you leave to save yourself unnecessary trouble. If you are ready to book, check out the car rental with our free booking tool or contact CarRent to recommend a suitable model for you.


Make a detailed route


Once you've booked a car, it's time to prepare for your upcoming appointments. Ultimately, this journey is about maintaining relationships with current customers, gaining new ones, or attracting a helpful professional.


Make a note of each scheduled appointment on your cell phone calendar or notebook as needed to concrete that schedule into your mind. A delay or missed contact is a sure way to ensure that this is your first and last business trip. All right, relax now. You will manage!


Optimize your personal luggage


As we said, business trips are not the typical vacation. Not all the time. Most business trips last two to three days. How many outfits will you change during this period? Get your best professional clothes and one or two additional options for everyday work. Be sure to look at the weather forecast for your destination before you leave. You will not want to be there in rain, snow or heat without being prepared. Don't forget the laptop, the chargers for all devices, the projector, the power strip with at least three sockets ... are we missing something?


Have fun, but don't get carried away


Business trips are not the typical vacations, but they still remain trips! You know work is a priority, but that doesn't mean you have to stay in a hotel when you're not on meetings. You have a great chance to explore the unfamiliar city, even if you are alone, but do not hesitate to accept the company of your business hosts. We are sure that there are many interesting ways to have fun during this trip. However, remember that you are at work and get enough time to sleep to be in great shape the next day.


Careful preparation and a positive attitude will help you use every business trip as an opportunity for professional development and personal enrichment. We hope that with these tips you will get the most out of the first business trip that you organize yourself. We know very well how many experienced traveling businessmen there are among you. What is the best advice you can give to recruits? Share it on our Facebook page.

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