Operational leasing for Legal entities

The opearational leasing is a service that gives a lot of benefits to the business. This is a type of long-term car rental that allows you to plan your expenses by paying a fixed monthly fees. This way, your company will not invest in its own fleet, which eliminates car maintenance commitments and costs. When you sign an operating lease agreement, your company does not owe a down payment, as payments are equal and made monthly. Our service consultant will always be at your disposal. Your business will not need a fleet manager or a tire store.

Benefits of operating leasing:

  •  Opportunity to choose from a wide range of available cars or we can deliver a specific model for you.
  •  The rental price includes full service of the vehicle you drive - all maintenance is our commitment.
  •  Your car tires will be replaced by our representative according to the season, which will optimize the time of your employees.
  •  Our staff will be online 24 hours a day if a problem or issue arises.
  •  All our vehicles are new and are under warranty, which will guarantee their trouble-free and reliable operation.
  •  The monthlt price includes Insurance and we will take care of any repairs and damages.
  •  If you are unable to use a rented vehicle due to a technical failure, we will provide you with a replacement.
  •  The monthly installments are VAT inclusive and thus the use of any type of car will be a recognized expense for your company
  •  We offer preferential terms and prices to our long-term clients.
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