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Automatic Rental cars


Cars with automatic transmissions are often rented by people who are looking for convenience and easy driving while traveling or staying in a different city or country. They offer a number of advantages over manual transmission cars and are suitable for a wide range of users. Here are some of the features and benefits of automatic gear rental cars:


1. Driving Convenience: Automatic gears do not require manual gear changes, making driving easier, especially in heavy traffic.


2. Ease of use: For many users, automatic gears are easier to operate because there is no need to operate the clutch and shift gears. This makes automatic cars suitable for people with no driving experience.


3. Suitable for tourists: Tourists and people traveling in countries with different traffic patterns can benefit from automatic cars as they do not have to adapt to manual gears and switching sides of traffic.


4. Less Fatigue: On long journeys, automatic cars can reduce driver fatigue as there is no need for constant gear changes.


5. Fuel Economy: Modern automatic transmissions are designed to provide better fuel economy than previous models, which can lower rental costs.


6. Smooth starting and stopping: Automatic cars allow smooth starting and stopping, which can improve the comfort of the journey.


7. Suitable for urban use: In urban environments where there is frequent stop and start, automatic cars can be more convenient for drivers.


8. Ability to shift manually: Many automatic cars offer a mode where the driver can shift gears manually if they want more control.


When renting a car with automatic transmissions, customers can enjoy the ease of driving and comfort that these cars offer, especially on long trips or in unfamiliar surroundings.

Opel Corsa Automatic
from  35.00  / day
Nissan Micra automatic
from  35.00  / day
Toyota Corolla automatic
from  36.00  / day
Chevrolet Orlando automatic 6+1
from  45.00  / day
Hyundai Tucson automatic 4x4
from  50.00  / day
VW Tiguan automatic 4x4 Allspace - en
from  45.00  / day
Kia Sorento automatic 6+1 AWD
from  49.00  / day
Mercedes Benz GLB
from  50.00  / day

CarRent’s Main Target

Our main goal is to provide high quality rent a car services on the most affordable prices. For the past 15 years we have had more than 20 000 satisfied returning customers from all around the world. We pretend to be one of the leading economy car rental companies in Bulgaria. All our offers are tailored to your needs and requirements. We try to rent every rental car from us to trust our professionalism and responsiveness and to become our regular customer, because perfect service is the best advertisement.The quality service is the best advertisement so we try to make every new customer a regular customer. Rely on our professionalism and experience in the car rental business!




10 years car rentals

I have been using CarRent since 2009 and I have never been dissappointed. See you in August guys! Cheers James

James Turner


I’ve just rented acar recently from this company, and I must say it’s the best rental car that I’ve ever used, I fully recommend this company to anybody travelling to Bulgaria, well worth the money and the service was absolutely professional.

Gyuldane Shabanova

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