What conditions do I have to meet in order to be able to rent a car?

  • You need to have a valid driving license, ID card (passport) and credit card under your name (debit cards or cash deposit as well under some circumstances).

 What is the process of renting a car?

  • A rental agreemnt is signed in two copies, one for each party. The rent is payable (if not prepaid) when picking up the car and a deposit (by card or cash) is left. The car is inspected for damages in the presence of the tenant and, if any, they are described in a protocol.

 Where can I find and read the car rental terms?

  • You can find the terms here.

 What is a refundable deposit?

  • A certain amount (depending on the class of car) will be blocked on the Renter’s card until the rental is completed. It will serve as a guarantee to preserve the integrity of the car damage, fuel, keys, documents and more. The deposit may also be left in cash, but the amount may be increased.

 How do I return the car?

  • The return of the car is made in the presence of our employee who inspects the car for damage in the presence of the tenant.

 What if the car is returned with damage?

  • In case of an accident or other type of damage, the Renter is responsible up to the amount of the deposit. The Renter is not financially liable if he / she has purchased an additional Zero Excess insurance package. In all cases, the Renter is obliged to provide a protocol for the accident issued by the competent authorities.

 Where are our offices located?

  • We have offices in Sofia, Varna and Burgas. For more information, please visit the Contacts menu.

 Do you have a desk at Sofia Airport?

  • No, we do not have a counter at the airport. We meet our customers with a name plate and take them with a van to our parking lot, which is 3 minutes from the airport.

 What is our working time?

  • We work every day between 08:00 - 20:00.

 Can I pick up or return a car outside your office hours?

  • It is possible to pick up and return a car before or after our working hours at an additional cost of EUR 30.

 Do you deliver to an address?

  • Yes, for 15 euro we will deliver a car to a specified address within the city of Sofia.

 Can I rent a car from one city and return it to another?

  • Yes, it is possible for an extra charge.

 Is it possible to drive your car outside Bulgaria?

  • Yes, it is possible. For more information and rates please click here.

 Is there a mileage restriction on rent?

  • No, the mileage is unlimited.

 What is your fuel policy?

  • The car is taken with a full tank and should be returned with the same amount of fuel.

 Do I need to prepay a part of the reservation amount?

  • When booking through our website, you can choose from 3 options: quotation, partial prepayment and full prepayment. Only when a prepayment is made we guarantee a specific class of car.

 What if I only send a booking request?

  • You can select this option but this way, you only make a request, not a reservation. This does not guarantee getting a car! We may ask you for a prepayment in order secure the car.

 How do I know that my reservation is confirmed? Will I receive a voucher?

  • Upon completion of the booking process you will receive a voucher and within 24 hours an employee from our office will contact you by email.

 Can I use cash or debit card as a deposit instead of a credit card?

  • Yes, but the amount of the deposit may be higher.

 Can I drive a rental car with a foreign driving license?

  •  Yes, it is possible.

 Are the cars suitable for winter conditions? Is there an extra charge for winter tires?

  • All cars are equipped with tires for the winter season and are free of charge.

 How can I use my Promo Code?

  • In the reservation process you will find a special field for entering the promo code.

 What does "a similar car" mean?

  • We guarantee a certain class of car - size, engine, number of seats and doors, not a specific model.

 What insurance is included in the price?

  • The price includes Third Party Liability and Auto Casco.

 Do I need to add Zero Injury Insurance to my reservation?

  • ZEI is optional and it has many benefits. Please read here.

 Can someone else other than the Renter drive the car? Is there an extra charge?

  • Extra drivers are free of charge and can be added to the rental agreement.

 Are my personal data and credit card information secured?

  • The site is protected by a Web Server certificate. The site's transactions are protected by up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

 Can I cancel a reservation? Will I lose my prepayment?

  • Yes, up to 10 days before the day of the rental you have the possibility to cancel the order for free, otherwise you will lose your prepayment.

 What if my flight is delayed or canceled?

  • Flight information is monitored in real time by our staff. It is advisable to contact us when delaying or canceling a flight.

 What happens if I am late returning the car?

  • If the delay is more than 1 hour you will be charged an extra day.

 What should I do if I have a flat tire or an accident during the rental?

  • The vehicles are equipped with a spare tire and a jack (or a compressor) so that the Renter can replace the damaged one. In case of an accident, the Renter should contact us immediately and inform the Police (1.

 Will you pay me back if I decide to return the car early?

  • No, but we can add the unused period to your future rental.

 How can you contact us?

  • You can find us by Phone, Email, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook.

 Do you make discounts for regular customers?

  • Yes, our regular customers enjoy preferential rates and terms.
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