Operational leasing for Corporate customers


Why rent a car for company needs instead of buying it?



Operating lease is a service that gives a lot of advantages to the business. This is a type of long-term car rental that allows you to plan your expenses by paying fixed monthly installments. Its term is between 6 and 36 months. In this way, your company will not invest in its own fleet, which eliminates commitments and maintenance costs for company cars. When signing an operating lease agreement, your company does not owe a down payment, as payments are made in equal monthly installments.

In addition, your business will not need a person in charge of company vehicles, nor a tire warehouse.





Why choose an operating lease instead of a finance lease?



Theoretically, two main forms of leasing are regulated - financial and operational leasing. In the case of financial leasing, the lessee does not have the right to cancel the contract during the period specified in it, also the maintenance and all costs are at his expense. In the case of an operating lease, a minimum term is usually agreed upon, and only after its expiration the lessee can take advantage of the stated possibility of refusal, and the maintenance and costs are at the lessor's expense. Operating leases are extremely popular these days, as through this type of service your company can use a tax credit for each company car.





Operational leasing – affordable and profitable service



If you need a new and reliable vehicle or if your business is growing, you can add to your fleet by renting some of our cars within 24 hours of receiving your request. You will not have to wait for a car, go through difficult and complicated approvals from leasing companies or deal with its registration at the traffic police. Nowadays, delivery of a new car from a dealership can take over 1 year, while our cars are available. Your company will not close large funds for initial payments, it is enough just to prepay the first rent and the car will be waiting for you. With us, you will have a wide range of cars at your disposal, but we can also supply a specific model to contribute to the needs of your company.





Operating lease - maintenance is our concern



With us, the monthly payment includes full servicing of the rented car. In this way, with the operating lease service, you not only eliminate the purchase of a new car, but also all its subsequent maintenance. Your business will not spend extra money on vehicle servicing, insurance, tire changes, annual inspections, etc. We have calculated all these costs in the monthly rent and they are our commitment. In this way, you and your employees will not spend an additional time resource on activities outside the scope of your main activity. We offer assistance in obtaining a "Parking Vignette" that allows any vehicle to be parked in a blue or green zone.





Operating leasе - an individual approach



Our main goal is to adapt our product to the needs and capabilities of each business. We will gladly prepare an individual offer that will satisfy your expectations as much as possible. Every customer is important to us and that is why we are open to discuss every single offer and make specific discounts. For companies that cannot allocate funds for new cars, we can offer a separate product with more budget "outlet lease" cars that are over 5 years old, but are in good technical condition.





Operating leasing - new cars



All our cars are new and in perfect technical condition. The majority of our fleet consists of warranty cars that are no more than 5 years old and have a mileage of no more than 100,000 km. The cars are serviced in authorized service centers of the dealers, and their tires are of a high and reliable class. We have vehicles of different classes – small, compact, business sedans, station wagons, SUVs and buses. With us you will find a variety of models with manual and automatic gears. Many of our cars are equipped with additional extras such as navigation, multimedia, leather interior, etc. We mainly rely on the brands - Renault, Dacia, Skoda, Toyota, Audi, Mercedes.





Operational leasing - excellent reputation and extensive experience



CarRent is a company founded in 2004. Since then, we have served over 30,000 satisfied customers. We hold a leading position in the local car rental market and work with Bulgarian and international companies from all over the world. Over the years, we have proven to be the preferred partner of many pharmaceutical, financial and IT companies who have trusted us to provide and manage their fleet. Our motto is that quality service is the best advertisement, and that's why we try to make everyone who rents a car from us become a regular customer. Our many years of experience and proven professionalism are the guarantee of your satisfaction.





Operational leasing – immediate response to a problem



If a technical problem occurs during the rental, we will replace the car, thus your employees will be able to continue to carry out their work commitments. In the event of an insurance event, we offer a replacement vehicle, which is additional convenience and peace of mind for your business and staff. Our many years of corporate experience have taught us to understand the needs of different customers and to offer options and solutions to meet every need.






Advantages of using "Operating lease":


• No down payments – paying one month's rent is enough.

• Fixed monthly installments - no additional cost increase.

• Option to choose from a wide range of available cars or we can deliver a specific model for you.

• According to the contract, the rental price includes full servicing of the car you drive - all maintenance is our commitment.

• Monitoring of Third Party insurance, Annual technical inspections or Vignette will be our concern.

• Your vehicle's tires will be changed by our representative according to the season, which will optimize your employees' time.

• Monthly installments include VAT and thus the use of any type of car will be recognized as an expense for your company

• If due to a technical breakdown you cannot use a rented car, we will provide you with a replacement.

• You use a car only for the period in which you need it.

• Our team will be on line 24/7 for any problem or question.

• All our cars are new and under warranty, which will guarantee their trouble-free and reliable operation.

• The price includes fully covered Auto Casco, and we will take care of any repairs and damage.

• You will not have to look for a buyer for your company cars, and after your contract expires, you will get new ones in their place.

• Real discounts, preferential conditions and competitive prices.

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