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Renault Kangoo Diesel for rent - universal and highly efficient minivan

When you choose Renault Kangoo Diesel, you rent a car with fantastically efficient and economical performance. Kangoo is manufactured at Renault's plants in France and Morocco.

Design and load capacity

The model has a short, rounded lid, complemented by a large bumper. Boldly shaped wheel arches and smooth lines along the entire length give the Kangoo a modern look.

The load capacity of the car is impressive - 1.3 cubic meters. You could fold the backrests of the rear seats to ensure a perfectly flat floor. In this way, the load capacity is increased to 4 cubic meters. You can carry objects up to 2.88 m long with the front passenger seat folded down. The maximum load capacity of this rental van is 710 kg.

The space above the rear wheels collects objects up to 1,218 m wide. The asymmetrically separated rear doors open every 90 and then 180 degrees. The height of the roof is 1.8 m.

Engine and driving style

The turbo-diesel engine has a capacity of 1.5 liters and is connected to a six-speed manual transmission. Even with a medium load, the van climbs slopes without any problems with minimal fuel consumption. Shifting gears is easy and smooth. Based on a car platform, the Kangoo has a very comfortable driving style, thanks to the perfect traction it achieves.

Interior comfort

The second row of seats is higher than in a car, and the doors have a sliding mechanism. These details greatly facilitate entry and exit and complement the feeling of comfort in the salon.

Standard features include: cruise control with speed limiter, power windows, two airbags, air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity.

Fuel consumption:

• urban - 4.3 litre / 100 km;

• extra-urban - 3.2 litre / 100 km;

• combined - 3.6 litre / 100 km.


Renault Kangoo Diesel for rent is one of the most preferred models in the highly competitive class. Take advantage of the great potential of this car whenever you need it. CarRent is at your disposal.

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