Learn how easy it is to take advantage of a car rental

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Learn how easy it is to take advantage of a car rental

Renting a car is often one of the last tasks on the list before travels. It usually comes after the plane tickets and the hotel rooms are booked. Whether you are a rookie or a car rental veteran, there are a few easy ways to improve your experience in this area.


1. Book early


Each country you visit there are two main benefits of booking a car early:


price - the probability of getting a lower rate if you fix your dates at least two weeks in advance is really high.


Better choice of cars - Early bookings guarantee a wider choice of vehicles, especially if the trip coincides with holidays when demand is high. Solve the question in time so that you do not have to put four suitcases, three children and the dog in a small car with the caliber of Fiat 500, for example.


2. Look around for promotions


You can think of all those emails and ads on the Internet that you have learned to ignore. Only if you know how good deals are slipping away from you! Car rental companies around the world compete for the attention of travelers and often promotions are not to be missed. The good deals are there. You just have to look around and get the best price.


3. Choose the right car


What does this mean? Well, it is one of the most important things for a good car rental experience. It is important to know what vehicle you need for the trip. Make a list that may include:


number of passengers - do you really need a big car to travel with your partner? The compact Renault Clio car rental is probably ideal for this purpose;


will you take the children as well - if you put safety first (that's right!), A Chevrolet Orlando for rent is a family minivan with great features;


where you will travel - camping in the mountains means you need durability and space for equipment, consider a Dachia Duster 4x4 for rent.


The cheapest or most expensive choice may seem easy, but a hasty decision now can be costly in the course of the journey.


4. Avoid mass travel dates


We all know that flights on weekends or other days with high demand are expensive. The same goes for car rental. If possible, try to arrive earlier or leave your destination later. And with the extra days, the final bill may be cheaper because of the lower rate. It is always a good idea to contact your rental agency. Local branch staff can probably advise you on the optimal course of action.


5. Register for the rewards program


We know you're in a hurry and all you want to do is get on the road. But it's important to say - when your agency offers to sign up for a rewards program, do it! This way you will get access to free extras and discounts. No one likes to fill out forms, but if you take a few minutes, you can save money and time in the future.


6. Have fun!


Think of car rental as part of your vacation experience. At CarRent, we guarantee you an incomparable feeling of freedom when the choice is right. Don't choose an oversized car and don't be afraid to spend a little more to feel comfortable if the group is larger. Checking the list of your car requirements will add a pinch of excitement to the trip while enhancing the overall service experience.


If you are ready to use these tips, we recommend that you see our booking tool today!

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