A fun family trip? No problem with car rental

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A fun family trip? No problem with car rental

A family vacation with a personal vehicle or a rental car is a long-awaited event that evokes a wide range of emotions, ranging from pure joy to complete emotional and physical exhaustion. The opportunity to create memories for a lifetime with your loved ones is overshadowed by the possibility that these memories will not be very pleasant.


It is no coincidence that this contradiction is used for the plot of so many films and sketches. So how can you be sure that your family trip will be in the zone of having a good time? We have prepared some tips that will help you realize your plans according to all the rules of entertainment.


1. Relax and enjoy your rest time


As parents, you would like to provide the best for your children by planning interesting activities during the holidays. But cluttering the schedule with an endless array of activities is a recipe for disaster. Consider the route, but do you have to follow all the points in it? Rushing from one attraction to another can be stressful for everyone. If your children enjoy an activity, allow them to make the most of it. You will find greater satisfaction in their happiness than checking your watch and list.


2. Ask your children what they want to do


Your idea for a fun family vacation may not match your children's. Asking for their opinion is a great way to find an interesting and exciting destination. You can also encourage them to pack their own luggage. You want to add some things, of course, but take this as an emotional investment in the holidays.


3. Rent the right rental car for the family trip


You may be flying to your destination or for some reason you may not be using your personal vehicle. No problem, you can always count on a rental car. The rented car will be one your „home“ for a while, so it's important to do your research:


• How much luggage space will you need?


• Which model has the best fuel consumption?


• Do you need additional extras such as child seats, navigation or something else? Write to us at reservations@carent.bg or call us at +359 888 22 16 00 and our staff will be happy to help you choose the car that will be most convenient for you and your family.


With a rental car you can be much more relaxed that the hire vechile will not make any problems during your holiday. Most companies work with new and maintained cars, as safety is a top priority. If any break down or collision occurs, call us immediately for assistance and guidance.


4. Make sure your hotel has a swimming pool


Regarding family vacations, there is no better bet for a pleasant stay than children who enjoy the hotel pool. Make sure that the place where you are staying has one and it is open and well maintained. Having water slides brings you extra points.


5. Monitor your budget carefully


During family vacations, expenses get out of hand very easily. A T-shirt here, a souvenir there, local delicacies in the evening and soon your stomach shrinks, but not from the food, but from the damage to your budget. When planning your trip, look for discounts and special offers from car rental companies, holiday resorts and attractions. Take every opportunity to optimize your expenses and enjoy the time spent with your loved ones.


Family vacations can be stressful, but by carefully planning and maintaining your children's interest, you can be sure that they will look forward to the next family trip! Find the exact rental car by filling out our reservation form.

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